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A-5845 10/86 

OR. RUTH'S (W*^ 




microcomputer games division 
The Avalon Hill Game Company 


Dr. Ruth's Computer 
Game of Good Sex™ 

Rules of Play 

Dr. Ruth 's Computer Game of Good Sex is a fun and informative game for 1 
to 7 people. The game can be played many times, and each game takes about 15 
minutes to complete. Each player gets the opportunity to answer up to eight ques- 
tions about love, sexuality and relationships. Exceptional play leads to a bonus ques- 
tion from the Sex Clinic, where the player provides a solution to a problem drawn 
from the files of Dr. Ruth Westheimer. 

At the end of a multi-player game, the players with the two highest scores face 
off in a head-to-head contest to answer four more questions, plus a bonus question, 
to decide the winner. 

Loading the Game 

IBM® : Start the game by either turning on the computer with the disk in drive 
A, or — if the computer is already on — by pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and Del key 
at the same time. 

The IBM version only has a printer option that will print out the answer to each 
question as well as the entire Sex Clinic question. The Print/ Screen key also prints 
the entire screen to the printer. 

Apple® : Put the game disk in the drive and turn the computer on. The game 
will load and give instructions on what to do next. 

Commodore® 64: Disable or remove all cartridges. With the game disk in the 
drive, type LOAD"*",8,l. 

Time delay (all versions); for each player, enter the number of seconds that the 
game counts off before starting the clock. Any number between 1 and 20 seconds 
may be used, and pressing the Enter key automatically sets the default at lOseconds. 

Starting Play 

There are two types of questions asked in the Dr. Ruth game: true-false and 
multiple choice. The "Ask Dr. Ruth" true-false question consists of four state- 
ments, with you selecting the one statement that is different from the others. It will 
be either the only true fact among three false ones, or the only false fact among 
three true ones. The game will tell you which to look for. 

To answer the question, press the I, 2, 3, or 4 key opposite the statements. 

In the one-player game, you will get eight of these questions. They are divided 
into two sections of four questions each. If you answer three out of the first four 
correctly, you get a bonus multiple-choice question from the Sex Clinic. Other- 
wise, you go on to the next four questions. If at least three of them are answered 
correctly, then you get another opportunity for a bonus question. 

In games with two or more players, each player answers four questions with 
a possible bonus question under the same condition as above. Each player in suc- 
cession answers 4 true-false questions (and a possible Sex Clinic question), using 
keys 1 through 4. 

The Sex Clinic 

When you qualify for a bonus question . you must answer a multiple-choice ques- 
tion (these questions are based on queries to Dr. Ruth Westheimer). Read it care- 
fully, and type the number of the response you think Dr. Ruth Westheimer gave. 


Points are scored for each correct and incorrect answer based upon the amount 
of time left on the clock. For each correct answer, the number of points on the clock 
is added to your total. For each incorrect answer, half the number is taken away 
from your total. 

Example: you answer the first question correctly when there is 90 showing on 
the clock. You score 90 points. But on the next question, with 50 showing on the 
clock, you choose the wrong answer. Half of 50 is 25. and that is deducted from 
your score, leaving 65 points. 

You can pass on a question by pressing the space bar, and it will not affect your 

The Face-Off Round 

The face-off round appears only when two or more players are in the game. 
The two highest scorers will be asked questions. One player will be assigned keys 
1 through 4. while the other player uses keys 6 through 9. The first person to answer 
gets the points (or penalty if the answer is wrong). The face-off round consists of 
four true-false questions and a bonus question from the Sex Clinic. One player is 
assigned keys 1 through 4. while the other player uses the 6 through 9 keys. 


Project Supervision: Dr. Ruth Westheimer 

Game Design: Michael E. Moore. Mark Herman 

IBM Programming: Bob Gardner 

Apple and Commodore Programming: Jim Jacob 

Research: Richard Korman, Elaine S. Silver 

Photo: Harold Kreiger 

Production Coordinator: Phyllis Opolko 

Camera Dept. Supervisor; Elaine M, Adkins 

Typesetting: Colonial Composition 

Printing: Monarch Services 



cam to* 

microcomputer games division 
The Avalon Hill Game Company 

A Monarch Avalon. Inc. Company 

Text ©Karola, Inc., 1986. All Rights Reserved 

Design ©1986 The Avalon Hill Game Company 

All Rights Reserved 

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